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I decided to get an eyelash lift and tint for the first time.  Molly at 541 Esthetics was very patient and gentle talking me through the process and making sure I was comfortable with her movement and technique. Very pleased and excited about the outcome! Feels wonderful, I love the fact that I don’t have to wear mascara. Thank you 541 Esthetics!

Molly's education and skill allow me to trust her with my skin. I appreciate that she studies my skin and suggests the right facial on that day, as well as, products to use in between services, keeping me glowing year round.



I cannot express how much Molly has changed my skin, and my knowledge with skincare! I was clueless, and I trusted in her to not only help by treatment but in giving advice for at home care. My skin thru patience and sticking to program made a huge change! I know more on how to care for my skin, and hardly have a breakout anymore. My complexion is more even, and overall I am happier because of it!!  I highly recommend taking time to schedule an appointment for yourself! Its a real treat. Your face is with you forever! Take care of it!  Also she is amazing with waxing!

541 esthetics offers a great inviting space. Molly provides an amazing relaxing and professional service. I have switched to the comfort zone products for at home regimen and my skin is reacting beautifully with them. I have already booked another appointment with her.



Molly Morton is a local Bend native and Owner and Aesthetician at 541 Esthetics.

With a therapeutic touch and expert knowledge base, she brings her passion for skin care to you.  Committed to achieving your skin's optimal health, preservation of youth, and value to your investment.

Molly is a Bend, OR native whom earned her licensed in 2015. She applies 100's of hours in continuing education and training to refine her approach and touch to  your skin in the treatment room. Progressive not aggressive. She blends the healing powers of plants and minerals, with cutting edge industry technology and technique, to treat and correct skin with a holistic approach. Molly believes in the essential connection of gut and liver health as a primary link to the current condition of your skin. She is currently pursuing her certification as a Nutrition for Aesthetics Practitioner. 


In addition to offering individualized custom curated treatments, Molly's uses a  variety of clinical grade metabolic peels, which are chirally corrected, to safely achieve transformative results in her clients skin. Its her specialty! 


Her true passion and expertise is to educate clients about their skin, supporting an integrated action plan of healthy lifestyle practices, appropriate home care regimen and regularly scheduled pro treatments for the more advanced results. 

It is her ultimate goal to provide a space and experience for clients to let go, heal and recharge, emerging to a renewed sense of self where outer beauty reflects inner beauty.

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