Become a Glow Getter​

Are you ready to make a skin.vest.ment? (noun) the action or process of spending time and money with the expectation of achieving healthy, glowing and supple skin in the future. If you answered yes, join the Glow Getter program today!

Step 1 - Book The Nano Facial ($150)
Nano Infusion technology is becoming a leader in the skincare industry and we're proud to offer it here at 541 Esthetics. It provides increased absorption and efficacy of nutritive serums 97% more than traditional topical applications. It's safe and requires ZERO downtime. It's like micro-needling's baby sister, since it does not draw blood or wound the skin. This handheld device uses a tip comprised of silicone pins finer than the human hair, which creates up to 200,000 micro channels in the skin, allowing peptides, antioxidants and advanced actives to penetrate deeper. Skin is left visibly plump, corrected and radiant. Plus, it's safe and comfortable to treat the eye and lip area too, so add-on the Eye Lift and Lip Plump for the ultimate glow-up experience! We pair this with LED therapy and see excellent results. This treatment is 100% customizable to your skin type and health, including mamas. 

Step 2 - Request a Glow Getter Punch Card
After your first treatment, you will request a Glow Getter punch card. The punch card provides an incentive for maintaining your skinvestment. You will have 6 months to book and receive 6 treatments. This will allow for a treatment every 4-5 weeks. This program is for those who want to commit to their skin health, but need support and accountability. Its an easy way to reach your glow goals. 

Step 3 - Rebook Your Appointments
You will be given an expiration date 6 months from the date of the first treatment. Enjoy all 6 treatments before the expiration date, and you'll be rewarded not only with healthy glowing skin, but with a 6th treatment free ($150 value = $125 X 6). It is recommended to rebook at each time of appointment to ensure you stay on track and complete the program within the 6 month time period. If you don't use it, you loose it. Your final 6th treatment must be used by expiration date. 

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